Web Hosting Q&A: Terrible Web Hosts Paid Up Front

Question: “I recently bought a web hosting package for one year; I paid the whole year up front so I could get a substantial discount. I’m now two months in to the year, and my web hosting company are awful! There’s endless downtime, they don’t respond to support tickets and my site runs so slowly it’s unusable. Can I get a refund?”


Unfortunately, the simple answer is no. If you have paid for a service up front, then you have to live with it until the contract period is up – and make sure it isn’t set to auto-renew. This is one of the risks you take when you pay up front for a service you’re unfamiliar with.

It’s a painful lesson to learn, and you shouldn’t feel a fool for it. Sometimes web hosting companies advertise offers and services that sound so good you cannot resist, and it’s only when you’ve paid for a year-long hosting that you realise they’ve failed to deliver on their promises.

You can try looking through the small print of the terms and conditions of the sale. If, for example, your web host has a clause in the terms and conditions that promises a response to support tickets within 48 hours – and you can prove they have not responded to support tickets in that time, by time-stamping screen-shots – then you may be able to get them to cancel the plan and refund you. You are, however, completely at the mercy of the web hosting company and their professionalism; but it is worth a try if they have broken their own terms and conditions.