Web Hosting Q&A: Domain Names and Web Space

Question: “I recently bought a package with a big name web hosting supplier, and it included a free domain name with the web space. I’ve since discovered I bought more space than I need. I have a few other site ideas: is it possible to buy another domain name for the existing web space I have, or am I restricting to only using that space with the free domain name I got with the space?”


Web hosting companies don’t like to promote it, but yes, you can host more than one domain name within the same package of space. Of course, web hosting companies would rather keep this quiet so that you buy a new domain name and package for your second site! However, this is avoidable.

All you need to do is buy a new domain name with a domain name selling company. You then need to point the domain nameservers (usually found in domain control settings within your account at the domain name company) to the servers of your existing web space. If you don’t have this information, ask your web host; they will provide it.

You then enter the nameservers of your hosting space in to the settings on your new domain name.

With that done, you can ‘add on’ the new domain to the existing space in CPanel. There’s even a handy button for it: just click ‘Add-On Domains’ and enter the domain details. Providing you’ve set up the nameservers correctly, the new domain name will now point to your existing web space.