The Realities of “Business” Web Hosting

It’s probably best to come out and say it, so here goes: there is no such thing as business web hosting. Honestly. Here’s why:

Placing the word ‘business’ in front of a service gives it an aura of authority. It also has a powerful psychological effect on the end user; they see business, and somehow in their minds, it becomes synonymous with ‘professional’ – and who doesn’t want to be professional?

However, when it comes to business web hosting, there’s nothing a web hosting company can offer that they couldn’t also offer to ‘private’ or ‘personal’ clients. They’re just using the word ‘business’ to catch people’s attention.

Everyone, no matter be it business or domestic, buys the same thing from a web hosting company: web space, sometimes a domain name, and associated services. It isn’t like there’s some big server warehouse, storing superbly brilliant servers that can only be used for business customers.

The main difference between business and just old regular domestic web hosting is the price. Business price plans can be up to a third more expensive than their personal counterparts. They may have some flashy extra features or support options, but very rarely is it enough to make the difference in price worthwhile.

If you are looking to host a business website, ignore the word ‘business’ when you’re looking for web hosting. All you need is good, honest, reliable and affordable web hosting – it doesn’t matter what type of customer the web host caters to if they offer that. Just select the best available package you can find and host your business website on it, and save a bundle of cash as you do so.