Mega Hosting

Good web hosting is hard to find. No doubt, when you go looking for it there are plenty of companies offering it, but if you’re anything like most people you will have found that the ones who make the boldest claims are, all too often, the ones who haven’t got a clue what they are doing. It is refreshing, then, to see a site like Mega Hosting’s, which doesn’t stand on ceremony, just telling you what it will give you and leaving you to make the decision.

What it will give you is impressive enough on its own merits. With no setup fee, you can move straight to building your website and let the powerful software do the rest for you. All of the loose ends are tied up for you leaving you to create your website and launch it, then wait for the hits to start rolling in. This is a serious web host for serious times, and a real breath of fresh air for anyone who has been messed about by various web hosting companies in the past. Those companies could learn a lot from Mega Hosting.

It is encouraging to see, too, that they offer a domain registration service that is considerably more straightforward than any we’ve seen for a long time. The whole process is geared towards getting you up and running as quickly as possible, and makes for a hosting service that gives you minimal downtime, excellent customer service and all of this for a low price, too.