Mega Hosting

Good web hosting is hard to find. No doubt, when you go looking for it there are plenty of companies offering it, but if you’re anything like most people you will have found that the ones who make the boldest claims are, all too often, the ones who haven’t got a clue what they are doing. It is refreshing, then, to see a site like Mega Hosting’s, which doesn’t stand on ceremony, just telling you what it will give you and leaving you to make the decision.

What it will give you is impressive enough on its own merits. With no setup fee, you can move straight to building your website and let the powerful software do the rest for you. All of the loose ends are tied up for you leaving you to create your website and launch it, then wait for the hits to start rolling in. This is a serious web host for serious times, and a real breath of fresh air for anyone who has been messed about by various web hosting companies in the past. Those companies could learn a lot from Mega Hosting.

It is encouraging to see, too, that they offer a domain registration service that is considerably more straightforward than any we’ve seen for a long time. The whole process is geared towards getting you up and running as quickly as possible, and makes for a hosting service that gives you minimal downtime, excellent customer service and all of this for a low price, too.

Newage Marketing Hosting

If you are tired of spending crazy amounts of money on web hosting which lets you down time and again, you’re not alone. There are so many web hosting companies out there, each making the same claims for their effectiveness. This one has 99% uptime, that one has 99.9%, this one has dedicated support forums, who to choose? And then it turns out that the one you signed up for has a bunch of hidden costs and so many flaws it would make you cry. It’s hard not to feel like you are wasting your time.

Newage Marketing Hosting is such a breath of fresh air in this otherwise foggy world. It is connected to everything that you could dream of, and is constantly working to improve its uptime still further. But perhaps the most impressive thing is the speed with which it updates everything. Check your statistics to see how you are doing – then check back again in five minutes and see how promptly the new details have been added. And it doesn’t just monitor the hits, it gets them for you too with search engine submits.

The service provided by Newage Web Hosting means that you don’t need to do anything more – it is all laid on here and gives you an instant head start on everyone else, making it a simple matter of strapping yourself in and watching things get decidedly more interesting for you and your company. If you’re still looking for the right web hosting, stop. You’ve found it.

The Realities of “Business” Web Hosting

It’s probably best to come out and say it, so here goes: there is no such thing as business web hosting. Honestly. Here’s why:

Placing the word ‘business’ in front of a service gives it an aura of authority. It also has a powerful psychological effect on the end user; they see business, and somehow in their minds, it becomes synonymous with ‘professional’ – and who doesn’t want to be professional?

However, when it comes to business web hosting, there’s nothing a web hosting company can offer that they couldn’t also offer to ‘private’ or ‘personal’ clients. They’re just using the word ‘business’ to catch people’s attention.

Everyone, no matter be it business or domestic, buys the same thing from a web hosting company: web space, sometimes a domain name, and associated services. It isn’t like there’s some big server warehouse, storing superbly brilliant servers that can only be used for business customers.

The main difference between business and just old regular domestic web hosting is the price. Business price plans can be up to a third more expensive than their personal counterparts. They may have some flashy extra features or support options, but very rarely is it enough to make the difference in price worthwhile.

If you are looking to host a business website, ignore the word ‘business’ when you’re looking for web hosting. All you need is good, honest, reliable and affordable web hosting – it doesn’t matter what type of customer the web host caters to if they offer that. Just select the best available package you can find and host your business website on it, and save a bundle of cash as you do so.

Web Hosting Q&A: Terrible Web Hosts Paid Up Front

Question: “I recently bought a web hosting package for one year; I paid the whole year up front so I could get a substantial discount. I’m now two months in to the year, and my web hosting company are awful! There’s endless downtime, they don’t respond to support tickets and my site runs so slowly it’s unusable. Can I get a refund?”


Unfortunately, the simple answer is no. If you have paid for a service up front, then you have to live with it until the contract period is up – and make sure it isn’t set to auto-renew. This is one of the risks you take when you pay up front for a service you’re unfamiliar with.

It’s a painful lesson to learn, and you shouldn’t feel a fool for it. Sometimes web hosting companies advertise offers and services that sound so good you cannot resist, and it’s only when you’ve paid for a year-long hosting that you realise they’ve failed to deliver on their promises.

You can try looking through the small print of the terms and conditions of the sale. If, for example, your web host has a clause in the terms and conditions that promises a response to support tickets within 48 hours – and you can prove they have not responded to support tickets in that time, by time-stamping screen-shots – then you may be able to get them to cancel the plan and refund you. You are, however, completely at the mercy of the web hosting company and their professionalism; but it is worth a try if they have broken their own terms and conditions.

Web Hosting Q&A: Domain Names and Web Space

Question: “I recently bought a package with a big name web hosting supplier, and it included a free domain name with the web space. I’ve since discovered I bought more space than I need. I have a few other site ideas: is it possible to buy another domain name for the existing web space I have, or am I restricting to only using that space with the free domain name I got with the space?”


Web hosting companies don’t like to promote it, but yes, you can host more than one domain name within the same package of space. Of course, web hosting companies would rather keep this quiet so that you buy a new domain name and package for your second site! However, this is avoidable.

All you need to do is buy a new domain name with a domain name selling company. You then need to point the domain nameservers (usually found in domain control settings within your account at the domain name company) to the servers of your existing web space. If you don’t have this information, ask your web host; they will provide it.

You then enter the nameservers of your hosting space in to the settings on your new domain name.

With that done, you can ‘add on’ the new domain to the existing space in CPanel. There’s even a handy button for it: just click ‘Add-On Domains’ and enter the domain details. Providing you’ve set up the nameservers correctly, the new domain name will now point to your existing web space.